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Citizens and businesses expect and demand from their Governments, services and information at the tip of their hands.

This rapid rise of connected multi-device citizens is compelling Governments to broaden and revamp their digital service channels. Engaging seamlessly through multiple touch points (web, mobile web, mobile apps) is no longer an option but a necessity. These expectations require critical components working together to provide these personalized multi-channel experiences.

The top three mobile challenges facing organizations are:

  • 91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach
  • There are 5x as many cell phones as PC ‘s
  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to actions

What is Exceptional Digital Experience? An exceptional digital experience is empowering, compelling, relevant and consistent across multiple channels and touch points. For Governments, it means giving citizens and businesses an instant access to information and services in a highly engaging and customized manner which reaches the constituents, no matter what devices they are on.

It incorporates real-time social communications and robust self-service capabilities. At the backend it provides rich, integrated capabilities for managing web and digital content and leverages actionable insights via analytics to optimize digital experiences and mobile device delivery.

Government to Citizen Portals
  • Provide citizens access to information and services via Omni channel Digital Experience
  • Enabling citizens to apply and pay for services online using e-Forms across devices of choice with automated workflows helping to ensure efficient processing
  • Support live video feeds, wikis, blogs and maps to help stay in touch with citizens in new and cost-effective ways
  • Web 2.0 (Dojo, html5, CSS3 etc.)

Public Safety
  • Those responsible for the safety and security of citizens can collaborate across agencies and with the public to effectively respond
Government to Business Portals
  • Foster innovation and growth by providing a single place for businesses to interact with Government via devices of choice (mobile, tablet and PC)
  • Streamline costs, capture revenue associated with tax, licenses and permits through your web portal accessible across devices
  • Readily accessible Digital platform for business to interact with stimulus efforts while ensuring transparency
  • Web 2.0 (Dojo, html5, CSS3 etc.)

Intranets for Government Agencies
  • Enable Government workers to stay informed
  • Provide them with tools to deliver effective services in informed and efficient manner
  • Intranets equipped with social networking, online collaboration and content management capabilities, empowers employees in or out of the office in accomplishing their duties

Social Services
  • Provide constituents with fast easy access to the critical services they need
  • Ensure that those receiving the benefits are truly qualified and that government resources are being used to help them

IBM® Forms Experience Builder enables line of business users to create web forms applications for stand-alone use or for customer and employee websites. Non-technical users are able to create sophisticated web applications complete with forms, database, reports, security and more. Solutions designed with IBM Forms Experience Builder are agile and easily changed to accommodate changing business requirements for quicker responsiveness to customer and market needs.

Cloud-Style Deployment
  • Apps and data are secure
  • Accessibility is allowed only by the creator and any others who they elect to have access
  • All use of the software is funneled through the browser or mobile device

Simple Workflow
  • Automatically generate email notifications.
  • Invoke services at workflow steps
  • Provide a dynamic experience based on rules
Adaptive, Extensible Behavior
  • Forms will adapt how they render to take advantage of the devices they are being used on
  • Design and make changes in your browser
  • Quickly customize apps using standard web development skills
  • Modify styles through CSS
  • Use functions added as HTML fragments and JavaScript with the software’s comprehensive set of events

Flexible Integration
  • Allows you to introduce new offers, surveys, capabilities and programs, as needed
  • Allows integration of existing systems to pre-populate fields and post data
  • Allows you to define connections with just about any system

Hosted Or On Premise Web Solutions

In the current economic climate, municipalities are facing the challenge of maintaining high quality service to their constituents with constant budgetary constraints. Further the municipalities have a large diversity in terms of size, resources and business needs. The relatively high cost of on premise solutions can become prohibitive for the small municipalities.

Partho team is currently engaged in creating a complete e-Services Suite on the Municipal Cloud to be offered as a SAAS Model.
Some of the benefits that our solution offers are:

Solution designed specifically for Municipalities
  • Excellent Mobile Interface - Equips field employees responding to service requests
  • Reduced Cost - No large upfront investments as both application and hardware is part of cloud
  • Increased Storage
  • Automatic Updating of Software
  • Mobility of Workforce - Employees can access information and work from anywhere
  • Shifting IT workforce Focus - No longer having to worry about constant server updates and other computing issues, municipal IT staff will be free to concentrate on innovation

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